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George Radion in Australia has a database on Australian-made Jacks

This database is for vintage and classic Donald W Sessions (DWS) vehicle jacks.   Many of the photos and comments have been gleaned from Ebay and other sites.  I would be pleased to add photos and comments from anyone who has information on these jacks.

Please note that this information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but I make no claims about authority on this subject. Use your own discretion when evaluating the accuracy of the information.

The values are normally taken from auction sites world-wide, but exclude postage.

Request to vendors: Please feel free to use the information from these databases in your adverts. An acknowledgement of the source would be most welcome. However, please do not twist any of the information. Where I say along the lines: 'May be for car X' please make this clear in your advert. An altered statement saying: 'It is for car X' will create false facts and misinformation. If you know for certainty a jack's heritage please contact me so that I can amend the entry. Thank you.

Hydraulic Post Jacks followed by Integrated Jacks




DWS Post Jack


DWS is Donald W Sessions. The jack is 23.5" high when closed, extending to 38.5". The alloy body is cast on one side DONALD SESSONS & CO LTD and on the other CAUTION DWS FLUID ONLY. This jack was made by Smiths for DWS. The release valve shown in the first photo is non standard. The original was a circular tap inscribed RELEASE accompanied by an arrow. The jack was supplied with various lifting arms. as shown in the photos. Any information on the lifting arms/brackets in the photos most welcome.

The toolkit picture is from a 1939 Lanchester 12/4. Photos courtesy Michael Andrews.

Applicable Vehicles:

1939 Lanchester 14/2 Roadrider D/L 1938/9.

This jack or similar Smiths versions were standard fitment to a 1937 Riley Falcon sedan, complete with bracket (2nd to last photo) to attach to the bulkhead.  It was also likely fitted to the 1936 Riley Merlin and may possibly have been used in 1938 on the Riley Victor. The photos shown have the Riley tapered fork which fits into a bracket mounted on the chassis on each side under the centre of the running board .

This jack was also supplied with various shaped lugs to suit other cars.  The third from last photo shows the jack stowed on a 1937 Riley Falcon. The final photo is from a 1937 Riley Falcon 12/4 handbook, courtesy of John Spratt.

The jack with a different (U-shaped) jacking lug was supplied by Abbey Panels for the Jaguar C type; Jaguar D Type; Jaguar XK120C; and Jaguar XKSS race cars (and some Lightweight Jaguar E Types).

Correct for Aston Martin DB2, and DB3-S.

Jack Handle Type:

As shown in final photo.

Year Dates Noted:

1936 to 1938

1950s/early 1960s


Average price paid in 2019 = 40.00 - 1 sale

Average price paid in 2021 = 75.00 - 2 sales



Integrated Jacks





DWS Integrated Jack - Complete Unit


DWS integrated jacks were produced in the 1930s. Four of them would be bolted to the corners of the chassis floor and were screw operated are as shown in the pictures.

Applicable Vehicles:

Rolls Royce Phantom II from 1932 until end of production in 1935.

Rolls Royce 20/25 HP from 1934 until the end of production in 1936.

Rolls Royce 25/30 HP whole of production between 1936 and 1938.

Daimler Consort DB18

Optional extra (2 off) for the MGPB.

Jack Handle Type:

As shown in last 2 photos.

Year Dates Noted:

1932 to 1938


Average price paid in 2019 = 31.00 -  1 sale

Average price paid in 2020 = 61.00 -  2 sales

Average price paid in 2021 = 45.00 - 1 sale