Shelley 2 Ton Commercial Jack Restoration

By Nigel Bryant


The jack came apart very easily, showing just 2 major areas of wear; the bevelled gear; and the roller bearing cage.

The jack body was in good condition.  The '47' is the year of manufacture.

The worn bevel gear indicates that the jack had a hard life.  Spares are only available from other dismantled jacks.  It also shows why these jacks should only be used for display purposes or very light duties, not involving risk to the owner nor vehicle.

The caged roller bearing was 'shot'. Only 4 rollers remained.  New rollers were made from suitable rod. Other types of jacks may have ball bearings which are readily available from the local bicycle shop.

Refurbished caged rollers greased and back in place.

The finished jack looking resplendent in a fresh coat of paint.  Not bad for a 5 jack bought at a car boot sale.