MGB - Australian APAC Jacks

By Roger Taylor


Noting your current project, and inclusion of an interest in MGB CKD car jacks, I though it worth while taking some photos and measurements of the jack originally supplied with my MGB down here. 

 I'm attaching some photos of my MGB jack and bag, together with the ratchet drive and the tools for wire knock-on wheels, all of which (including I believe the knock-on hammer) came with the car originally.


The Jack:

This is a local production item, made by a company called APAC Industries in South Australia.  The only identifying mark upon it is the rather worn original label, there is no stamping otherwise.  At the time the Federal Government here was mandating increasing proportions of locally produced components in cars produced by overseas manufacturers.  This was to protect the local car industry production and also to support and promote domestic manufacturing industry.

South Australia, for reasons to do with a relative lack of natural resources compared with other States, was pushed as a manufacturing centre with significant Government support, both Federal and State.  Notable industries being car, car components and white goods production.  The company concerned had begun in the 1920's as almost a cottage industry, growing and morphing through mergers, particularly post WW11.  They claim, among a number of firsts, the supply of a jack to the first Holden car produced in South Australia in 1945 and wheels to Holden in 1954.

I don't know what other cars/models this jack may have been issued to, though it seems likely that any BMC/Leyland models of that time (with the side mounted jacking point) may have been candidates.  I seem to recall a jack of this type with a Morris 1100 in my family around 1964, though that might at that time have been an imported item.  APAC had a business stream (among a number) focused on vehicle jacks and industrial hydraulic jacks, so it is likely they produced a range of jacks for various car manufacturers.




Overall height 17 and 1/8 inches
Lifting arm 10 and 5/8 inches outer end point from upright face
Lifting arm pin to end point 4 and 1/16 inches
Protective pad face to upright face  1 and 3/16 inches


Ratchet Handle  

10 inches.  The only markings are the words 'raise' and 'lower' on alternate sides.


Jack Bag

There is nothing to reveal where this was made.  Appears exactly as per the model in Clausager (MGB, p 30) for the earlier (1964) cars with the red King Dick type of jack with the turn handle with the wooden knob.  Mine is showing the wear of years of use.                                                            


Some background material


My MGB is a Mark 11 roadster, CKD production, produced in Sydney in the period July/August 1969.  That is based on production details checked against Clausager, Australian sources from the time,  and known details of other local cars.


The car was sold new, here in Canberra, on 12/9/1969, again, documented.


As a matter of interest, and to give a 'feel' for the lag in CKD roll-off production periods relative to dates of export of components from England, the casting dates for items are:


Block            8/11 1968

Head            30/10/1968

Gearbox       24/10/1968


So, if typical, there was a concentration of production dates in England among the parts actually assembled here.  I know these part dates are original from documentation I have on the car.